360 Degree Reviews 

Help your people see themselves from every angle

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A 360 review is like the Sat Nav in your car.

A sat nav needs several satellites to give it enough information to accurately plot a location.

Likewise, colleagues need feedback from their manager, direct reports, peers, and customers to get an accurate picture of their performance.

Learn how we can help you provide high quality, insightful 360’s that promote behaviour change with your colleagues.

You need to help your people understand their strengths and areas for development.


We want people to perform at their best. When people perform well, they reach a higher level. They're curious, confident, and present at work 

Give them the feedback they need to thrive. 

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Find out what people really think

Cultivate a candid culture to help your team share the truth and build trust and teamwork.

Transparency leads to clarity. Your people will know where they are, and where they need to be. 

They'll have the self-awareness they need to make choices. This in turns lifts them up and empowers them to focus in on the one or two things that really make a difference.

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The Process

1. Gather information across the board

Peers, direct reports, and the line manager are invited to complete an online questionnaire. The questions are chosen to capture the vital information you need to assess an individual against your organisation's competencies.

2. Receive a bespoke report

The information from the questionnaires is expertly analysed and scored against criteria that is relevant to your team. It'll equip you with everything you need to know to address shortcomings, set achievable objectives, and reward excellence. 

3. Benefit from one to one coaching

Information is only as good as what you do with it.  You and your team will receive one to one coaching to help you understand the findings of the report, address concerns, and prepare for the future. 

Why work with me?  

If you’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to ask difficult questions and cut to the heart of the matter, I’m the coach for you.

Your people want to bring their best selves. Each one of us has a craving to develop and grow.  So you need someone who can give them the support and challenge they deserve.

I’ve been helping people transform their performance with 360-degree reviews for 10 years. It doesn't matter if you work within an SME, a corporate or something in between. I will objectively analyse feedback from every level and sensitively deliver coaching with your success in mind.

Talk to me today.

Fill in the contact form and learn how a 360-degree review will transform the way you and your team do business. 

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