360-degree reviews

Develop self-awareness about strengths and growth areas.

Why great 360-degree reviews are like a Sat Nav.

For a Sat Nav to get a clear idea of where you are it requires several satellites to provide it with information.  For colleagues to get a clear picture of their own performance they need to receive feedback from their manager, direct reports, peers and customers.

When you have clarity of your destination then the Sat Nav will give you bite-size instructions on how to get there.  A great 360 degree review includes discussion about career plans and a clear development plan of how to get there in light of the feedback.

A 360 review done well can be transformative

Brilliant 360 reviews help colleagues understand their strengths and develop so that they become even more valuable contributors.

Poorly done, a 360 can be a waste of time and resources, providing no clear development or path to move forward.

How can you make your 360-degree reviews a success?

  1. Make sure you are measuring the right skills.
  2. Take time to explain to both the participants and those providing feedback why this exercise is taking place.
  3. Emphasize the confidentiality of the process
  4. Ensure the survey doesn’t take more than 15mins to complete. Overlong questionnaires create 360 fatigue.
  5. Focus on discovering strengths and not just development areas.
  6. The profile results are easy to understand and a clear development plan is created from it.

How can we help you?

We work in conjunction with Spidergap and have generic 360’s you can use straight off the shelf or create something that is bespoke for you.

If you wish help with the rollout and execution we are able to support with that.

Finally, our Performance Development Tool is what really sets us apart from others.  It provides tips on how to build performance for your top growth areas.  An indispensable resource for busy managers to create development plans which change behaviours and business results.

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