We’re on a mission to make work a happy place to be.

We spend 1800 hours a year in the workplace.

If you want to get big picture on it, that works out at about a third of our lives. With that being the case, it makes sense that we should be working somewhere that makes us feel happy, keeps us free from stress, and aligns with our personal goals and values.

If you’re reading this right now, we know you’re on a quest for this already.

And we know how tough this quest can be. There’s constant pressure to make things work for the bottom line, your customers and probably your board as well — and all the while we’re operating in a world that’s changing constantly. For the blue sky workplace we’re looking for, we need training that’s practical, relevant and exciting. But that’s pretty much a unicorn. Training that inspires your team to grow and learn proactively is rarer still. Which is exactly why we decided to say No! to training the trainer, and Yes! to Juicing the Lemon.

Fresh training that works.

Together, we create managers, teams love working with, teams that new employees can’t wait to join, and growth cultures that no leadership team can afford to live without.

We create environments where people feel safe to say ‘I don’t know’, where helping each other out is standard practice, and where information is shared, not hoarded.

We give you the power to coach your team effectively in the moment, to deliver your very own polished training sessions, and ultimately, to become the manager everyone loves to be around.

Whether your journey to a growth and learning culture comes in the form of a tailored 1-day workshop, one-to-one coaching or instant downloadables you can get started with right away, Juicing the Lemon offers everything you need to create a workplace that cultivates the best in everyone.



 My story

I have spent 23 years in sales and training and seen too many leaders exasperated at their team’s performance but not recognising that it is their responsibility to address.

Conversely, I have witnessed the magic of leaders, who make learning a habit for their team.  They incorporate learning into every team meeting, coaching session, and on the job interaction that they can.   I have seen jaded and cynical general managers smile with pride when a manufacturing manager develops in confidence and capability.

The goal is to take a fresh approach to leaders training their teams.  To give all leaders the knowledge, skills and tools to invest in their team and be the leader that they would love to work for.

Hence, we are all about championing the leader as trainer.

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