We’re on a mission to bring teams closer together by building honest workplace cultures free of gossip, politics, and toxic behaviour.

Reducing the gap between a problem being identified and a conversation taking place.

The smaller the gap, the healthier, more cohesive the workplace.

This is because we’re being honest about what we’re seeing and hearing.

To create the blue sky workplace we dream of that’s free from politics, gossip, and toxic behaviour, we need practical, relevant, and exciting training but that’s pretty much a unicorn.

And training that inspires your team to grow and learn proactively? Well, that’s rarer still.

The good news is, you’ve stumbled across a diamond. Training that inspires and creates an environment that they (and you) are proud of is exactly what we’re all about!

The Partners

Angela Mitchell

Insights Facilitator & Conflict Management Specialist

Angela has been helping people transform their performance through harnessing (rather than avoiding) conflict for over 20 years. She takes the latest research and time-tested principles moulding them into powerful, practical techniques and solutions that give everyone the tools to bring their best selves. Angela believes that conflict is an essential part of performance and growth.

Fundamentally, her philosophy is that well-managed conflict fuels creativity, speeds progress, and, frankly, shows that people actually care. Whilst this might go against the grain, the results she achieves speak for themselves.

Angela's background is in FMCG Sales and Sales Management with Mars Confectionery, Glaxo Smithkline and Associated British Foods.

Dave Freeman

FMCG Sales Specialist

Dave has an infectious, can-do attitude. Whenever he speaks, his boundless energy means people can't help but take notice and get swept up in the momentum that he creates. A specialist FMCG Sales Trainer with 20 years' experience – he's the go-to guy for delivering the transformational change and outcomes your people and organisation deserves.

Davina Houlton

Insights Facilitator, Coach and HR Consultant

There is one word, to sum up Davina – wise. Her HR background affords her unrivaled people insights which she uses to deliver her signature high-challenge, high support training style.

Alex Robinson

Social Media

Alex is super-creative, with a knack for teaching the more mature among us exactly how to get the most out of social media. She keeps us grounded and reminds us of the importance of keeping up and exploring new ways to get our message out there.

Kate Conway


Kate brings a unique blend of creativity and precision to our visual designs. Always smiling, she approaches every problem with fun and imagination – our branding just wouldn’t be the same without her!

Katherine Wharmby


Katherine is meticulous in her approach to accounts. Tenacious in the face of any challenge, you can count on her to work until she finds a common-sense financial solution. It's this common-sense approach that makes Katherine something special. Accountants that can make the ins and outs of business finance digestible to just about anyone are a rare thing indeed.

Why We Are Different

  • 1Behaviour Change is our focusIf you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. This is why we’re change champions through and through.
  • 2Learning is always part of the bigger pictureWe’ve all sat through training that feels disconnected from the realities of our roles. Train with us, and we’ll craft a suite of learning that blends seamlessly with your organisation’s strategy.
  • 3Accountability, accountability, accountabilityAs a leader, changing established behaviours is one of the hardest things you’ll have to do. The key is accountability, and we’re here as a neutral supporting party to ensure those changes land and last.
  • 4We know you’re busyIn these uncertain times, the one thing that hasn’t changed is how busy we all are! A fast-paced world needs concise, practical training that’s relevant and immediately useful – and that’s what we’re all about!

What People Say About Us

Andrea Fuller

"Angela has the fantastic ability to get under the skin of a team and understand their needs. This enables her to deliver a tailor-made learning solution which adds genuine value and benefit to the team, enabling them to move forward with clear direction and vision. I would highly recommend Angela to deliver the perfect training package to meet your development need and enhance team performance."

Andrea Fuller
HR Manager

Jo Mead

"Angela's course design and delivery is always clear and makes learning enjoyable and easy. Her training materials during the training and support afterwards provide great insight in the subject. She works hard to ensure learning's are applied back into the workplace and finding ways for delegates to increase their accountability. Angela is an insightful and energetic trainer and I hope to work with her again in the future."

Jo Mead
Demand Planning Manager

Emily Wootton

"Angela is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. She uses a great mixture of science, theory, practical exercises and electronic applications to keep the audience engaged throughout any of her courses. She has a great skill at listening to an individual’s input, but still keeping to topic and to time. One of Angela’s greatest skills is building training material specific to a team’s needs, but aligning to wider business strategies and using expert views to deliver material that is well thought through and validated."

Emily Wootton
Tesco Customer controller

Laura Mullholland

"Angela has delivered many development programmes to our managers at Allied Bakeries and the feedback is always excellent. Her key strength is in her ability to relate, both to a diverse group of management and to tailor learning to the workplace making it relevant and insightful. She builds confidence in front line managers and creates a safe environment for people to try out new skills. The benefits can be seen in our manager’s capability improvement across the areas she has worked with us on which include Managing Performance, Coaching and Presentation Skills."

Laura Mullholland
HR Manager

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