“Assumptions are the termites of relationships”

Henry Winkler

An American lady was planning a camping trip in the U.K. before reserving a pitch at a particular campsite, she wanted to make sure that it had all the facilities she would require. But she didn’t quite know how to describe ‘toilet facilities’ in the U.K.

After much pondering she came up with the old fashioned term, ‘Bathroom Commode’, but when she put it in her email she simply referred to it as ‘B.C’.

The campsite owner was perplexed. He couldn’t work out what the American was referring to. So he showed the email to several people on the site and one person thought she was referring to the location of the local Baptist Church.

So he sent off a reply email in which he regretted the delay but wanted to get as much information as he could in answer to her query. “The ‘B.C’ is located 9 miles north of our site. It seats 250 people at one time. I admit it is quite a distance if you go regularly, but you may be glad to know a lot of people take their lunch with them and make a day of it”.

“You may be interested to know that we plan to hold a fun raising supper to buy more seats and will hold it in the middle of the “B.C”. So everybody can get involved”.

“If you decide to join us, perhaps I could come down with you the first time you go – sit with you and introduce you to other people. We are a very friendly community!”