Confidence comes from the courage to develop your competence

It’s Strictly time of year.  The professional dancers, the cast of stars, the fake tan, the glitter.

Love it or hate it the nation will watch their progress over the coming months; Who’s the surprise dance diva? Who’s the underdog? Who’ll be first to go?

Who ever thought ballroom dancing would become a national phenomenon? Now in its 13th series, what is it that regularly pulls nearly 10 million viewers?  Is it the public’s fascination with success and failure?  Watching people stumble, strive and then blossom in confidence as they improve? The same could be said about life.

With competence and hard work comes confidence, but what about trying something new in the first place?

This year’s Strictly stars will undoubtedly be nervous, with low levels of competence.  But as they work hard and improve their competence  (well some anyway!) then their confidence will also develop.

Each of the stars is capable and confident in their own field; whether it’s singing, broadcasting, acting or even being the nation’s favourite magician’s assistant!  However, launch them onto a dance floor in front of millions where they lack skill and competence, and you wouldn’t blame them for letting the nerves kick in, as they lack in confidence.

The key to confidence is building competence and that comes with practice, hard work and focus.  But as Debbie Millman (host of podcast Design Matters) explains, the first step is Courage.

“Confidence comes with success from doing something over, and over, again.  How can you possibly be confident at something you’ve never done before?  What’s more important is having the courage to take that first step, before you can achieve success at it.”

Love it or hate it, it takes courage to hit that dance floor.

Confidence comes from developing your competence and having the courage to have a go in the first place.