Sir Bobby Robson – putting people at the heart of things

Sir Bobby Robson, was the last manager to get England to a World Cup semi-final in 1990.  He put people at the centre of everything he did and his belief in continuous development day in, day out meant each member of the team realised their potential.

Click here to get PowerPoint slides to present this idea   Bobby    Robson – 11 commandments

Robson always had time for his people whether it was the players, coaches, medical team or players families – he felt they were all part of the team.

This ability to understand his people and their needs and always acting in both a supportive and challenging manner meant he got the very best from everyone around him.  By looking after their emotional, personal and psychological needs he got the performance outputs he was seeking.

Here are the 11 leadership commandments that he lived by:

  1. Be able to control himself before he can control them (the team)
  2. Be passionate about the subject (in this case football – but it could be anything eg. cars, electrical goods, furniture!)
  3. Be open-minded – good listener
  4. A winner – single-minded about the ultimate outcome
  5. Honest – to gain respect – fair
  6. Command discipline
  7. Set good examples
  8. Understand individuals (what makes them tick)
  9. React positively to criticism. Decrease the stress
  10. Be positive and confident himself to give confidence to others1
  11. Be trustworthy

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