We make decisions based on emotion not logic

We like to consider ourselves rational individuals making decisions based on logic rather than emotion.

In every aspect of our lives, emotion plays an important role, but none more so than in decision making. Emotions are the brains shortcut to generate feelings in subjects which then guide our actions. Emotion and logic pair together to become a decision-making powerhouse.

The current organ donation bill is an interesting example. If it goes through it will be assumed that if you die you automatically consent to organ donation.

On the surface, the idea is a no-brainer. Hundreds of people die each year for want of an organ donor. It’s a rational logical approach in which the individual is merely instrumental to the creation of the happiness of the greatest number.

However, the Bishop of Swansea warned, that in “deeming of consent there is always the risk that the idea of gift might vanish. Where was the role of emotion in the decision-making process.

The words of a couple whose child had just died of a brain tumour illustrates clearly that a cold rational approach is never sufficient for the foundation of good decision making. “The doctors pumped us full of hard facts -but logical thought didn’t enter into our heads. It was the emotional knowledge knowing his organs would live on in someone else —a permanent memorial to our son and made his death just that tiny bit more bearable”