Coach your team to higher performance

Coaching for busy managers.  Create daily coaching moments and help colleagues find answers for themselves.

♦   Diagnose the gap

♦    Get a plan

♦   Deliver results

Is coaching a challenge?

♦ Do you tend to jump in and provide answers?

♦ Would you prefer to do something quickly than take the time to coach a colleague?

♦ Do you love giving advice?

♦ Is it hard to listen and you tend to interrupt?

What could it be like?

♦ Feel confident coaching a colleague “in the moment" when they need help.

♦ Be able to coach just using a few key questions.

♦ Listen effectively to what is being said and not said.

♦ Will only offer advice when appropriate.

What will you learn?

What are Coaching Moments?

  • A new way for people managers to get the best from their teams
  • Recognising coaching moments
  • Create learning opportunities.

Coaching in-the-moment

  • The 5 question framework for coaching in-the-moment
  • What makes this framework so powerful?

How to coach in-the-moment

  • Three behaviours that will transform your coaching

Practice session

  • Opportunity to practice the 5 question framework and the powerful behaviours.

How to make coaching a habit going forward

  • Practical tips and pointers on how to implement this every day back in the job with your team.

What do people say about us?

"The training helped my colleagues and I achieve personal growth which has in turn improved organisational capability."
HR Manager, Allied Bakeries
Dianne McDonald
Angela constructs interactive training courses which are interesting, well received, and elevate performance.
Head of Operations Finance
Graham Dermo

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