Couples Personality Profile

Use your differences to build a stronger relationship

See the beauty in difference.

There’s beauty in difference, but it’s not always clear to see.

Differences lead to conflict between partners. Little habits get under your skin, fester, and build into major conflicts. Or, differing reactions to significant life events push the two of you apart when you need each other the most.

Understanding your differences leads to knowing why your partner acts and communicates in the way that they do. Managed well, your differences become a source of trust, strength, and the deep affection that comes from that secret knowledge only a couple can share.

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Stop conflict before it starts.

Understanding your personality is the first step on the road to knowing why you act and communicate in the way that you do. When you’re tuned in to your thoughts and behaviours, it’s easy to stop conflict before it starts.

Likewise, when you know your partner’s preferences and communication style you’re better equipped to understand their perspective and actions and therefore eliminate miscommunications.

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Create a nurturing household

Knowing how your respective personalities influence the way you both see the world transforms your home into a place of mutual care and support.

When your partner says or does something that causes tensions to rise, it’s tempting to escalate things to win the argument. However, if you understand what’s going on beneath the surface, it’s easier to respond with what they need, when they need it.

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Your Couples Personality Profile

Knowledge is power. Your Couples Personality Profile gives you the power to resolve conflict and take your relationship to a deeper level.

You and your partner will learn how:

  • To identify areas of difference that cause conflict.
  • To adjust your communication style and better support your partner.
  • To understand why your partner speaks or acts the way they do when tensions rise.
  • To become more aware of how your personality influences your interactions.
  • To rediscover those differences that attracted you to one another in the first place!

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Insights Discovery

  • Complete an online evaluation.
  • Each receive a detailed report that explains your strengths and weaknesses in meticulous detail.
  • Learn more about your relationship with a series of personalised tasks before your coaching session.
  • Enjoy a 90-minute coaching session to help you and your partner understand the results and use them to overcome friction in your relationship.

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Color Persona.

  • Complete an online evaluation.
  • Each receive a personality profile that highlights your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Discover more about one another through personalised tasks prior to your coaching session.
  • Enjoy a 90-minute coaching session to help you and your partner understand the results and use them to stop conflict before it happens.

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