Zap the Gap and Develop Your Team Workshop

Zap the Gap between your teams current performance and required future performance.

♦   Diagnose the gap

♦    Get a plan

♦   Deliver results

Do you struggle with closing the gaps?

There are great moments at work when a team member executes a task exactly as you would hope. This is perfect. There is no gap between where they are and where they need to be.

However, if poor performance is hijacking your team and stopping you achieving your business results then performance gaps are a reality.

What stops your closing the gaps?

♦  I don’t know how to solve the gap.

♦ There are so many gaps, where do I start?

♦ No budget to get outside help.

♦ No time to support team training.

♦ My team is resistant to anything new.

♦ Good people are leaving my team as they can get development elsewhere.

Supporting leaders from a wide range of businesses.

Every organization, no matter the product or service it offers, can zap the gap and turn average performance into winning performance.


♦ Healthcare

♦ Retail

♦ Manufacturing

♦ Charity

♦ Service Industry

♦ Financial

♦ Non profit

♦ Education

What makes Juicing The Lemon so different?

We use a handy framework – Zap the Gap.

It provides a straightforward approach and tools for improving your team’s performance.

It recognises that as a manager you are busy and provides easy to implement ideas that you can use on a daily basis in ten mins or less to support and develop each team member.  It will help you get specific about what the gap is, uncover the real reason for the gap and provide practical soltuions to close it.

Hundreds of managers have developed their teams and enhanced performance by using this framework.

What do people say about us?

"The training helped my colleagues and I achieve personal growth which has in turn improved organisational capability."
HR Manager, Allied Bakeries
Dianne McDonald
Angela constructs interactive training courses which are interesting, well received, and elevate performance.
Head of Operations Finance
Graham Dermo

What will you learn?

Work through the Zap the Gap framework and leave with a clear plan for each member of your team.

  • The Performance Leader
    • The leader’s mindset to drive performance within the team
    • The leader who is both learning and teaching
    • Managing the challenges of developing a team
  • Learning Ready Team
    • Have team members in a resourceful place to develop
    • Confidence v courage
    • Managing the fear of failure
  • Zap the gaps
    • The process to identify behaviours required to hit performance that will deliver business results.
    • Plan for continuous, everyday learning
  • Execute Daily with TLC
    • Teaching moments – 4 steps to teaching anyone anything
    • Learning moments – review and feedback
    • Coaching moments – in the moment coaching
    • Creating new habits through daily practice.
  • Two-way accountability
    • Using the accountability ladder so that the leader and team member can hold each other to account for boosting performance.
  • Wins and Learning Moments 
    • Celebrate when things go well
    • Taking the learning when things can be done differently

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