Insights Discovery Profiles 

Help your people see themselves from every angle


What makes Insights Profiles so unique?

Simple:  Simple and memorable therefore people remember it.

Easy:  It is straightforward to understand and therefore your people will implement this in the workplace everyday.

Positive:  It celebrates and values what each colleague brings to the team.

Relevant at home:  The learnings are equally useful at home so there is a double win and learning for everyone.

Practical:  Useful tips on how to bring this to life and use in any situation.

Insights Discovery Profile

Each profile includes the Foundation Chapter and can be extended with the additional Chapters which support ongoing learning and development across a range of specialised areas.

Foundation Chapter
Introduces you to your personal style and approach, key strengths and weaknesses, value to the team, preferred communication style, possible blind spots, opposite type and suggestions for your development.

Management Chapter
This chapter is a valuable inclusion within a leadership, team or management development programme. It enables managers to consider their own management style as well as the needs of those they manage in terms of motivation, working environment and preferred style of leadership.

Personal Achievement Chapter
This chapter leads you from an initial understanding of your self towards an exploration of how you can grow and improve in specific areas of personal achievement such as time management, creativity and goal setting. The chapter can form an integral part of a personal effectiveness or coaching programme.

Effective Selling Chapter
This chapter explores individual approaches towards selling and influencing at each stage of the sale from preparation to follow-through. It can be customised or linked to your in-house sales model or process.

Interview Chapter

This chapter is a one-page supplement providing pertinent questions to assist in the selection process. The questions probe and stretch the candidate, raising levels of self awareness and identifying areas of strength and areas for development.