Imagine you, me and the hundreds of other people who read this post are all together in a room for a conference. 

If I drop a £50 note on the floor and ask if anyone would like to pick it up, I imagine that every hand in the room would go up.

Next, I take the £50 note and crumple it up as small as I can.

Again I ask if anyone would like the money.  I would expect every hand to go up.

Finally, I throw the £50 note on the floor, crush it with my foot and then proceed to stamp heavily on it.

For the third time, I ask if anyone wants the disfigured piece of paper.   I would expect every hand to still go up. 

What is interesting here is that no matter what I did to the money, each of us still wanted it because it didn’t decrease in value.

Many times we feel that our life is crumbling around us and that we have been ground into dust.  At some point, we all make decisions that go wrong or have relationships that don’t work out as we hope.  We feel worthless.

But no matter what happened or will happen, you will never lose your value.  You are all special in your own way.  Don’t ever forget that.