The Rolling Stones have been together for over 50 years. Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood. What is the secret of their success for such a long time when many other bands have fallen by the wayside?

Constant practicing was the key to their enduring success. Before each tour, the band would practice together for a solid two months. For excellence, to become a habit, the Stones knew that they had to define a shared approach to working together.

They realised that they had to practice over and over again until it became second nature. It allowed them to reconnect with their collective rhythm. The band could perform was almost telepathic communication.

The team knew instinctively what was happening during each rehearsal. Richard said that he watched Watts’s left hand. If the tempo was sluggish, one glance from Richards to Wood spoke volumes, and the pace would be increased.

The Stone’s achievements was because each member of the band played a distinctive yet complementary role. 

Richards was the spiritual leader, Watts was the backbone of the band, Wood the mediator and Jagger the chief executive pulling everything together.

Each team member was highly talented in his own right. But there was a mutual respect for each other’s talents and joined together they created a chemistry in which each could achieve their individual goal.

The best teams are those who combine individual skills and perspectives, with an understanding of the collective and importance of the power of the team.