What was the most important quality that Jürgen Klopp had that help to bring home to Liverpool the Premier League Championship trophy for the first time in 30 years?

Like other great football managers, he possesses superb man-management skills. His whole approach is based on the importance of developing a  culture of inclusivity, not just with the players but with the fans as well. He took the time to learn the history of the club and to understand what the Kop meant, not just to the fans, but to the cultural life of Liverpool. The fans love him. Both on and off the pitch he exudes charm, self-belief, and emotion.  From the most experienced internationals to the young academy players, it is not difficult to see  why they were prepared  to give everything to him

When he joined the club, one of his first actions was to meet and learn the names of all 80 employees who worked at Melwood, the Liverpool training ground. He lined them up in the dining room and introduced them to all the playing staff. From thenceforward, every employee was on first name terms. It was a gesture that spoke volumes and helped break down invisible barriers. He told every member of the club that they were of equal importance and social events would increase in frequency.

Through inclusivity, he seeks to create a sense of family, a culture that Klopp sees as critical to his way of management. He knows about everyone’s family and cares for their wellbeing. He is equally open about his own family life.

In business, when developing plans, models, and strategies, it is only too easy to forget that we are dealing with people with feelings, emotions, and anxieties. Klopp is a past master in understanding and using the soft skills in which he excels.