Insights Coordinator

Insights Green/Blue and Blue/Green

Coordinators are careful and thoughtful people who are diplomatic and sincere. They tend to be very loyal, precise and disciplined with high standards and expectations of self. They have a strong sense of duty and like to be needed. Coordinators tend to work at their best in a stable and secure environment where they can maintain a high level of concentration. They like to take their time to assimilate information accurately and may find making decisions difficult until all the facts and details are available. Coordinators may be seen as quiet and reserved around strangers and may not always say what they think or feel.

  • Goals: Correctness and orderliness.
  • Judges others by: Cognitive and organisational abilities.
  • Influences others by: Being sensible and systematic.
  • Value to the team: Diplomacy, reliability, clarity.
  • Would be more effective with: Less rigidity, faster pace, willingness to embrace uncertainty