Insights Helper

Insights Yellow Green and Insights Green Yellow

Helpers are warm, personable and sociable individuals who strive for positive relationships with people. Comfortable in most social situations, they typically have a wide range of acquaintances and friendships. They are enthused for others and work with people to get the job done. They are concerned with the welfare of others and tend to perform best in a team situation. In making decisions in the team, they like to be consultative, making sure everyone is considered and included. They can take criticism personally and might find it difficult to assert authority over others even if it is necessary.

  • Goals: Connection and making a difference
  • Judges others by: Friendship and personality
  • Influences others by: Getting to know them; giving counsel
  • Value to the team: Is encouraging and inclusive
  • Would be more effective with: Increased objective comment, refusing involvement, more task orientation