Insights Yellow/Red and Insights Yellow/Green

Inspirers are outgoing and enthusiastic, seeking favourable social environments where they can develop and maintain contacts. They often influence a group dynamic and are able to create enthusiasm in others. They have a wide network of acquaintances, which provides an active basis for doing business. Socially adept, Inspirers develop friendships easily and usually do not antagonise others intentionally. Verbally effusive, they are good at promoting their own ideas and can usually call on others who will be willing to help them. With a tendency always to see the best in people, they may over-estimate the abilities of self and others.

  • Goals: Popularity and approval
  • Judges others by: Interaction and involvement
  • Influences others by: Praise and personal charm
  • Value to the team: Optimism; ability to engage and involve people
  • Would be more effective with: Increased control of time, objectivity, follow-through on promises