Insights observer

Insights Blue/Green and Green/Blue

Observers are precise, cautious, disciplined and they are conscientious in work which requires attention and accuracy. They have highly developed critical perception and emphasise the importance of drawing conclusions based on factual data. Observers are objective thinkers, who will take time to investigate things fully and work things out rationally. Having gathered the facts and thought through an issue logically, they may also make intuitive leaps, which result in a deeply insightful approach to problem solving. They avoid making errors by meticulous preparation.

  • Goals: Understanding and objective truth.
  • Judges others by: Objectivity and rationale.
  • Influences others by: Logical arguments and factual data.
  • Value to the team: Consistency, precision and organisation.
  • Would be more effective with: Flexibility of decision making, understanding of people, more overt enthusiasm.