Observing reformers relish rational thought, logic, and analysis. They can find it difficult to deal with people who don’t have the same processed thought pattern as themselves and often walk away.

The belief of an Observing Reformer is that the greatest gift you can give your child is independence. They believe it is about teaching your child to think for themselves, stand on their own two feet, and to be their own person. They tend to give their kids quite a bit of freedom so that they can explore and learn for themselves and make their own mistakes.

This is not a warm and snugly approach. Obersivng reformers may come across as incentives at times with their kids and less likely to show affection. It can take a huge intention on their part to show the warmth and affection that kids yearn for.

Observing reformers are brilliant problem solvers and love getting to the root cause of a problem. However, with kids sometimes the best approach is to just sit with them and explore their feelings.

Problems and mistakes are framed as opportunities to learn and grow. The focus is on raising children to be capable adults through rational thinking and problem-solving. The aim is to give their kids as many tools as possible so that they can handle whatever life throws at them and work through the tough times.