Insights Reformer

Insights Red/Blue and Blue/Red

Reformers are critical and rigorous thinkers who drive for results and who set very high standards for themselves and others. Their competitive drive for outcomes is counterbalanced by a restraining need for excellence, even perfection. Reformers have great speed of thought and their reaction is tempered by a wish to explore all possible solutions before deciding. They will do whatever they need to do to ensure they have reached the right conclusions. As they enjoy problem solving, they also want authority to re-assess their findings. They tend to work at their best when they have the freedom and space to operate independently.

  • Goals: Excellence and perfection
  • Judges others by: Analytical capability and performance
  • Influences others by: Efficiency and perfection
  • Value to the team: Explores all avenues before making decisions; clinical and thorough
  • Would be more effective with: Increased tolerance and understanding of others work styles