Supporters are easy-going, amiable and dependable individuals who get on well with others. They have a considerate and sensitive nature, and are usually willing to go along with others. They tend to build close relationships with a small group of associates in the work environment. They are typically steady and patient, and can be relied on to do what they have promised. Supporters are happy to be of service and will plan their work to ensure consistency of performance. They aim to please and appreciate recognition for their efforts. Preferring stability and routine, they can be slow to adapt to change.

  • Goals: Harmony and acceptance
  • Judges others by: Loyalty and relating abilities
  • Influences others by: Consistency and amiability
  • Value to the team: Is dependable, listens attentively, shows empathy
  • Would be more effective with: Increased sharing of ideas; assertiveness, sense of urgency