Three habits to manage email overload

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Emails can make our lives easier and help us be more productive.  It is a fantastic way to communicate with people quickly and effectively.

However, emails need to be handled sensibly; otherwise, they suck up our time. Often our emails are ruling us rather than us ruling our emails.

For example, if you are working on a critical report and you receive a notification about a new email, do you continue working on your report or do you go and take a quick look at the email?

This 30min session will take you through an email processing system that will help you process emails both efficiently and effectively – from deciding when to check emails through to techniques for managing them.

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This training session covers:

  • Why is email so distracting and its impact on our productivity
  • Three habits for getting focused with email
  • Hands-on practical session

Download Includes:

  • Powerpoint
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