Performance Management Workshop

Helping your team get engaged through outstanding performance management.

♦   Clear expectations

♦    Quality conversation

♦   Two way accountability

Has performance management become a dull, soul-sucking activity, dreaded by everyone?

Developing your team can be the most interesting and satisfying part of your role.  However poor performance management can take the soul and energy out of people development leading to dull, bureaucratic conversations

What stops you holding quality performance management conversations?

♦  The day job gets in the way and we never have time for Performance Management conversations.

♦ There is a general feeling of empathy.

♦ Feels like an HR process rather than something useful.

♦ I don’t know how to structure the conversation.

♦ My team isn’t very good at planning for these meetings.

♦ I get anxious giving developmental feedback to colleagues.

♦ The team’s goals are changing all the time.

Supporting leaders who want to get the best from their people.  

I work with ambitious, high growth SME’s who are looking to put people at the heart of their thriving business with practical, engaging performance management conversations.

When the needs of the business can combine with the needs of each individual then magic happens.  Engagement levels soar, colleagues give their discretionary effort and the much sought after creativity of each colleague is shared.

What will you learn?

How brilliant performance management is central to a highly engaged culture.

The three sides of performance management – the process, the manager and the colleague.

A performance management process which supports high-quality conversations with everybody in a resourceful place.

Goal-setting for clarity on what needs to be achieved.

Review the previous period to celebrate the wins and take the learnings.

Identifying development needs to be supported in the upcoming period.

Coaching effectively so that the colleague is doing the thinking and brainstorming.

Providing feedback so that learnings can be taken.

Two-way accountability between the leader and colleague

Difficult performance management scenarios

Practice sessions

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