Late for meetings

Give feedback to a colleague who is regularly late for meetings.

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The meeting is scheduled to start at 10:00 and your colleague arrives bang on 10:00 in a swirl of disarray.

She then says she is going to get herself a coffee and asks if anyone else would like one whilst she is in the kitchen.

As a result, the meeting doesn’t start properly until 10:10 and wastes everyone’s time.

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(Set up the conversation with kindness and clarity)

“Claire I have a concern about your time keeping for meetings and want to take a couple of mins to chat about it and find a way together to resolve this.”

“I have noticed that three times this week you have arrived at a meeting at the scheduled start time and then kindly offer to make coffee for everyone. This means that the meeting starts late and your colleagues are feeling frustrated.

(Invite their view and perspective)

“Were you aware of this?”

“Tell me more about why this happens.”

(Share your perspective)

“I appreciate that the days you are in the office are extremely busy. Going forward though, I need you to be at our team meeting 5 mins before we start so that you are ready to start the meeting on time with everyone else.”

(Decide together how this will be resolved)

“What do you need to do in order to arrive at meetings 5 mins before they start?”

“What help do you need from me?”

“May I make a suggestion? What about taking 15min breaks in between your meetings so that you have time for phone calls and making coffee?”

“Thank you for your help with this. Both and I and the team really appreciate it.”

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