Not dressed properly

A colleague’s jeans do not meet the organisations dress code policy.

The organisation has a casual dress policy and blue jeans are acceptable.

A colleague has come into work wearing ripped jeans that are outside the policy.

You need to let your team member that these jeans are not acceptable for work.

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(Set up the conversation with kindness and clarity)

“Janet, I know that creating a good impression at work is important for you and therefore wanted to have a chat about the jeans that you are wearing today.

I don’t know if you are aware but our dress code policy says that ripped jeans can’t be worn into work. I would appreciate it if you didn’t wear them again as it creates a poor impression with customers.”

(Invite their view and perspective)

“Did you know about the dress code policy?”

(Share your perspective)

“I know that you are rarely customer-facing but it also provides a poor impression to your colleagues which is a shame as the quality of your work is good.”

(Decide together how this will be resolved)

“Thank you for your help with this.

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