You will have heard of the iconic Enzo Ferrari and Ferruccio Lamborghini; you may even know they were rivals but do you know why?

Lamborghini came from a family of grape farmers. However, his passion was not for farming but car mechanics. After serving in WWII, he identified the need for agricultural supplies so decided to repurpose military machines into tractors.

He was right; the business was successful. His success combined with a love of cars saw him buying and racing luxury cars, a Ferrari amongst them. However, as a mechanic, he was far from impressed with it.  In his opinion, it was noisy and rough on the road. He decided to tell Ferrari directly, not intimidated by the fact that Ferrari was the top super car manufacturer of the time.

Unsurprisingly Ferrari wasn’t impressed by this tractor mechanic and told him in no uncertain terms. Lamborghini was incensed, vowed to do something about it and put his knowledge and expertise to good use, set about designing a super car to match Ferrari. The two were rivals from that day on.

What’s fascinating is Lamborghini’s attitude. His drive and passion enabled him to create an empire. A car fanatic turned industry legend. If anything, the conflict fuelled his determination and drive to succeed.

Lamborghini took Ferrari’s insults, and instead of complaining or being downbeat he did something about it, he took decisive, positive action and ended up an iconic legend to match Ferrari.