The arrival of Covid 19 has changed the lives of every single person in the UK, and across the world.

Shops, businesses, entertainment, transport and socialising have all been put on hold while the nation waits for the pandemic to pass.

However, one positive outcome of the crisis has been the response of so many people who have volunteered their services to act as a vital backup to the statutory organisations.

Over 750,000 signed up to be NHS responders, while, across the country, dozens of ‘ Mutual Aid’ groups have been set up. These volunteers, working in well-managed teams, are involved in numerous ways,  from working in food banks, delivering food and prescriptions, transporting people to and from hospital, or simply being a friendly voice supporting an elderly person being shielded at home.

The common thread between all these teams of volunteers is a sense of helping others in greater need than themselves. Teams need a sense of meaning in their work.

For a team’s purpose to be potent, it needs to be compelling to its members. A team needs to be inspired, and, by connecting everyone’s work to a meaningful outcome,  it will result in everyone feeling their personal effort was worthwhile.