Training Resources Overview

Proven materials that you can personalise for your unique challenges
Energise your team * Help them excel * Motivate them


Sometimes, time is against you and it is useful to have the training design taken care of so that you can focus fully on delivery.

Our tried and tested training materials, which you can adapt to your team's needs help you deliver an engaging training session that has been proven to drive performance.

What we can offer you.

Training solutions that cover a range of topics in 2 formats depending on your need.

A range of training solutions 60mins / 1 day where you can address your teams development in a fun, engaging and effective way.

You will be given simple frameworks, ideas, skills, practice……

Examples of resources available: PowerPoint slides, trainer’s agenda, delegates pack (paper or electronic), background topic notes for the presenters so they feel confident and comfortable delivering the topic.

Examples of themes we cover: Presentation Skills, Time Management, Communication Skills, Coaching, Providing Feedback, Diversity Training

These ready to use training materials are ideal if:

  • Problems that are solved.

  Basic – 1 hour Bite Size training material Basic – 1 day training material Bronze Silver Gold
Download electronic training material for immediate use P P P P P
Printed delegate materials     P P P
Customisation of the materials       P P
1:1 meeting at your site where I take you through the material and look at how to roll out with your team,(3 hours)         P
  £80 £150 £250 £400 £850

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