Why we are different.

1. Behaviour change is our focus

We help delegates focus on the habits they need to change to get different results.  In our information-overloaded society, we only give you the information you need.

2. Learning is always part of the bigger picture

All learning should be part of the organisations bigger picture.  We will help you to implement a meaningful learning culture which supports the organisations mission and strategy.

3. Accountability, accountability, accountability

We all need some form of accountability to make behavioural changes.  We give 90 days support following every programme to keep the learnings at the forefront of your mind.

4. Work is busy.

We recognise that there is no spare time right now.  We show you how to create “learning opportunities" in order to maximise your impact not your workload.

5. We keep it human

We teach powerful methods that come from behavioural economics, neuroscience and psychology and create easy to use models that you can apply quickly and easily with your team.

6. Tribe

Stepping out of your comfort zone and deciding to learn something new and apply in the workplace can feel challenging.  We understand the importance of psychological safety in order to incorporate new behaviours and work to your potential.  We encourage you to look at how the team can support new learnings and keep it “safe" for someone to apply new learnings.  

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