Learning Moments – actionable, ongoing feedback

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Provide appreciation and pointers which help people develop through daily feedback.

Current Challenges

You feel nervous every time you need to provide developmental feedback to someone

Give little positive feedback

Tend to waffle

Dress up the feedback so no one really knows what you are talking about

Provide feedback once or twice a year

What could it be like?

Colleagues prompt you for feedback as they welcome your view

You feel calm and positive about providing feedback

See feedback as a way of developing your colleagues

Sharing and receiving feedback is a part of everyday conversation.

What will you learn?

1 What do we mean by “learning moments”?

Discussion to understand that everything has two outcomes.  We either win or we have a learning moment.  Feedback is a great opportunity to optimise the learning from the moment and figure out how we could do this differently going forward.

2 What stops us providing feedback right now?

Group discussion getting delegates to identify what exactly stops then asking for and providing feedback right now.  Use this session as the basis of their objective setting.

  • Nerves
  • Feels uncomfortable
  • Don’t know what to say
  • Not my place
  • I am not good enough to give feedback on this

3 The Three sides of feedback

There is more to feedback than just providing it to colleagues.  We explore the triangle of feedback.

  • Asking for feedback
  • Receiving feedback gracefully
  • Providing feedback

4. What to say?

Two models to provide high quality feedback to your colleagues.

5. How to say it?

Three behaviours that will ensure you have the best possible chance of your feedback being received.

6. Particularly difficult scenarios to provide feedback

Look at the situations that really turn our stomachs when we need to provide feedback:

  • The highest performing member of your team is demonstrating arrogant behaviours
  • Your boss is continually late for you
  • You are new to the team, feel you have low knowledge levels and witnessing unproductive behaviours
  • Team member was rude to a colleague

7. Demonstration

What does this all look like in action?

8. Practice sessions

Opportunity for you to put all this into action and receive feedback from your colleagues.

9. What’s next?

  • Identify the smallest thing that will have the biggest impact that you can implement now?
  • Create a tracker to make this a new habit
  • Consider how you are going to be supported, measured and held accountable

The Juicing the Lemon way

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This training can be delivered at your office at a date and time that suits you and your colleagues.

We can deliver “Learning Moments” – Ongoing, actionable feedback as a standard half day course or build a session that is tailored to

“Feedback is a free education to excellence.  Seek it with sincerity and receive it with grace.”  Ann Marie Houghtailing

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