Train the Trainer Training

Course Length: 1 day

Great managers deliver training sessions which are:

  • Relevant to the day job
  • Easy to understand and address changes in behaviour
  • Energetic and create a zest for learning within the team
  • Full of practical tactics

Our Train the Trainer courses provide the skills and knowledge to become a great manager.

Current Challenges

Believe you don’t have the knowledge or skills to train your team

No time to prep for a session

Unsure how to make it both fun and relevant

Believe your team’s development is someone else’s responsibility

What could it be like?

You deliver a high energy and participative session that gets delegates thinking

Your colleagues create new habits and there are behaviour changes following the course.

You feel “in the moment” all the way through.

You are relaxed and alert to what is going on in the room

You have a clear process to create the session

You love running these training sessions with your team!

What will you learn?

Why managers make great trainers.

How do we learn as adults?

5 steps to creating an effective training session

Make the content sticky with accelerated learning techniques

On your feet – exude passion and belief

Facilitation Skills – get everyone in the group involved and participating

You at your best  – dealing with nerves

Technique for getting delegates to implement learnings in the workplace

Practise session





Stories of note

In a world that is changing at an ever-increasing pace the only way to keep ourselves and our teams indispensable is to keep learning and growing.  Organisations such as Blockbuster, Yahoo, Blackberry, Nokia, Kodak and Polaroid are all examples of cultures which became complacent and stopped learning.  As a result, they weren't in a position to respond to market changes and have either gone bust or became a shadow of their former self.

The Juicing the Lemon way

We can come to you.

This training can be delivered at your office at a date and time that suits you and your colleagues.

We can deliver “Design a Training Session for your team” as a standard course or build a session that is tailored to your needs.

We work across the UK, Europe, and internationally.

In old-school Chinese martial arts,  a master is not judged by how good his kung fu is,  the master is judged by how good his students’ kung fu is.   

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