A fresh approach to Performance Management

Helping busy leaders have 10 min discussions which change behaviour and results

“5 things you should do to develop your team".
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Learn how to make performance management a daily activity through coaching, feedback and teaching opportunities.

Performance Management Workshops

 Insights Discovery

Understand what makes you and your colleagues tick.  Have clearer communication with less misunderstanding.

Insights Discovery Workshops

 360-degree reviews

What is it like to be on the other side of you?  What switches other people on and off?  Discover your strength and development areas.

360-degree reviews

Do you struggle with raising team performance?

  • Performance Management conversations are dreaded by everyone.

  • Gossip and water-cooler conversations dominate.

  • There are “elephants" in the room that nobody will address.

  • Poor levels of engagement

  • Team members don’t rise to the  challenges

  • Lack of honest conversations.

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