Insights Discovery Workshop

Help every team member to understand themselves better.

♦   Understand what makes me tick

♦    Understand what makes my colleagues tick

♦   More honest conversations

When team members don’t understand themselves and communicate poorly, this is what happens.

♦ Toxic gossip at the water-cooler  

♦ People don’t step up when they should

♦ The team is misaligned

♦ Colleagues do little to help each other

♦ Staff retention is an issue

♦ Challenge either stops or is done poorly  

♦ Meetings are dull

♦ Disagreement divides rather than unites

♦ Little discretionary effort

♦ Departments don’t trust each other

How can Insights Discovery help?   

1. Self-awareness
Understand what makes you tick and what it is like to be on the other side of you.

2. Alignment
Understand what makes others tick and wake up to the value they bring.

3. Honest conversations
Strong communication where people say what they mean without offending others.

Discover your communication preference

What is it like to be on the other side of you?  Learn about your behaviour preferences.  What impact do have on other people? How might you flex your style to get the best from others?

Operating as a team

High performing teams are built on trust. They debate openly, challenge each other, have honest conversations where they hold each other to account.

Getting the zest back into performance management

Learn how each member of your team prefers to be managed.  Understand their preference & have performance management conversations which drive engagement.

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