Insights Discovery Sales Effectiveness Workshop

For when just meeting targets isn’t enough.

Workshop Overview

If you want to grow your business, your sales and customer service teams must be able to build relationships.

You need them to leverage their unique communication styles at every stage of the sales cycle to create the trust and rapport needed to take their performance to the next level

  • Learn your unique influencing style with Insights Personal Profile Selling.
  • Understand how your attitudes and behaviours affect each stage of the sales cycle.
  • Build better relationships with customers by learning to adjust your style to suit any situation.
  • Apply a consultative sales model to create a genuine connection with your customers.
  • Identify your customers’ needs rapidly and accelerate the sales process by handling objections before they arise.
  • Create action plans to maximise the profitability of existing accounts.

This Workshop is for you if:

You are want to revitalise your sales team and equip them with the skills they need to excel.

You want your team to really understand your customers and their needs and expectations to give your company a competitive edge.

You are in a customer service role and you want to exceed your target, but you’re finding it tough to influence customers.

This Workshop isn’t for you if:

You’re not interested in helping your team build more effective relationships with their customers.

You don’t want to support the development of your sales team by improving their attitudes, skills and behaviours.

You want a quick fix and aren’t going to put the work in to embed the training after the workshop with each team member.

What will you learn?

We run high energy, interactive and fun sessions that transform your team. If your people are a bit more introverted, rest assured there’s plenty time for personal reflection and group discussion too.
  1. An introduction to Insights Discovery
  2. The Insights Personal Profile
  3. Discovering Sales Effectiveness – the 6 step model
    • Sales preparation
    • Identifying needs
    • Proposing the solution
    • Dealing with buyer resistance
    • Gaining commitment
    • Follow up
  4. Practice sessions
  5. Recognizing type
  6. Adapting and connecting
  7. Developing a positive attitude
  8. Committing to action

This course is available in these formats…

Your needs come first and we’ll build a course to fit.

Face to face or virtually. Modules, half-day, or full-day sessions. Follow up coaching sessions or online learning.

The combinations are endless. Just tell us what works best for you and your business.

Face to Face sessions

1:1 coaching face to face

Virtual Webinar

1:1 coaching virtually

How to persuade your boss this is a good idea:

Discovering Sales Effectiveness is a cornerstone investment in your customer service and sales teams.  It’s all about knowing your customers well and that’s something that NEVER goes out of fashion.

Great influencing starts with self-awareness and being in a position to adapt your approach to others. This is an intensely practical course filled with exercises and focused on delivering real-world results.

As former sales and sales managers, we know how important it is for the learning to be real and applicable so that the team can apply it immediately back on the job.

At the end of the course, we’ll give you step by step plans so you and your team can immediately put everything you’ve learnt into practice

You will see the benefits in teamwork, customer relationships and profitability. Smashed sales targets will become so normal, you’ll probably forget to celebrate them!

What do people say about us?

Fuller Andrea


Angela has the fantastic ability to get under the skin of a team and understand their needs. This enables her to deliver a tailor-made learning solution which adds genuine value and benefit to the team, enabling them to move forward with clear direction and vision. I would highly recommend Angela to deliver the perfect training package to meet your development need and enhance team performance.

Andrea Fuller
HR Manager

Jo Mead


Angela's course design and delivery is always clear and makes learning enjoyable and easy. Her training materials during the training and support afterwards provide great insight in the subject. She works hard to ensure learning's are applied back into the workplace and finding ways for delegates to increase their accountability. Angela is an insightful and energetic trainer and I hope to work with her again in the future.

Jo Mead
Demand Planning Manager



Angela is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. She uses a great mixture of science, theory, practical exercises and electronic applications to keep the audience engaged throughout any of her courses. She has a great skill at listening to an individual’s input, but still keeping to topic and to time. One of Angela’s greatest skills is building training material specific to a team’s needs, but aligning to wider business strategies and using expert views to deliver material that is well thought through and validated.

Tesco Customer controller

Laura Mulholland


Angela has delivered many development programmes to our managers at Allied Bakeries and the feedback is always excellent. Her key strength is in her ability to relate, both to a diverse group of management and to tailor learning to the workplace making it relevant and insightful. She builds confidence in front line managers and creates a safe environment for people to try out new skills. The benefits can be seen in our manager’s capability improvement across the areas she has worked with us on which include Managing Performance, Coaching and Presentation Skills.

HR Manager

Test 1

The training help my colleagues and achieve personal growth which has in turn improved organisation capability.


Test 2

The training help my colleagues and achieve personal growth which has in turn improved organisation capability.


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