Cool Blue Energy Motto – “Give me the details.”

Cool Blue energy tends to be formal and conservative. What they bring to the team is a wonderful questioning, observant and analytical energy. When someone is showing a preference for Cool Blue energy, they will want to understand first and get all the information before making a decision.

Before trying anything new, they like to see an established track record of success. They are wired to protect the business and will look after money and resources as it they were their own.

They may be perceived as negative by some of their colleagues. They are not afraid to address tough or awkward issues and will work hard to do the research to ensure the best decisions are made for the organisation especially when change is involved.

Cool Blues respect value, logic, order, procedure, and process. This means they are exceptional at delivering projects on time and to budget.

Those with a preference for Cool Blue energy like to be well-prepared. They feel uncomfortable having to think on their feet and prefer to do their thinking ahead of a meeting.

Cool Blue energy on a bad day

Cool Blue energy hates the thought of not being prepared for a big meeting or general embarrassment on anything. Having to move and process fast can be uncomfortable as this is likely to lead to more mistakes.

Being systematic and following process is very important for Cool Blue energy. This leaves them observant, calm, collected and questioning.

When this gets hijacked, on a bad day Cool Blue energy may be perceived as nit-picking, indecisive or even suspicious. They may come across as stuffy or cold.

This could be happening because Cool Blue energy wants to have the right information on hand and the time to consider the best solution or answer. If they feel they are being rushed to make a decision they may either withdraw or their level of questioning may increase and hence they are perceived as nitpicking.

Sunshine Yellows are most likely to see the negative aspects of Cool Blue energy.